Wednesday, May 17, 2023

How to seek and retain top talents


How to seek and retain top talents

Recruiting talent is not just simply a search for employees but also a battle between businesses. Recruiting talent and winning their hearts for the sake of both sides is a very complex puzzle to solve. 

Finding and nurturing talent are top priorities of businesses - Photo: Internet.

In the article below, HR2B will bring you the ultimate tips on how to find and keep top-notched employees, thereby creating a strong team that contributes to the prosperous development of the business.

Secrets to recruiting external talent

1. Advertise your work environment

Each employee makes a valuable marketer. 

Job seekers normally look up information about the businesses they are applying to. They often visit websites to get an overview of the company's reputation and professionalism. 

If the company website is not well designed or boring, there are high chance that talents may feel that the company is not a good fit. Creativity in building brand identity is the key to attracting great people for your business.

2. Hire people who are truly passionate and hardworking

Any employee can comply with a company's framework and policies but it's their passion that truly makes the difference between them. 

Good employees are always hardworking and do their best at work - Photo: Internet.

Candidates who show determination and enthusiasm for their position are certainly outstanding individuals and would contribute enormously to the company in the long run.

Which begs the question: how to spot these passionate, energetic candidates who love their job? The answer is to look into their eyes. 

People who really want you to hire them will look straight into your eyes, answer directly to the point, and not ramble about themselves or ask irrelevant questions. 

Those who can even come up with great ideas and prove that they are serious and prepare thoroughly before coming to the interview.

3. Degrees are not important

Today’s society is caring less and less about what degree one can earn; whoever can do the job wins. Therefore, recruiters should not place too much emphasis on this element. 

It cannot be denied that a university degree is a convincing recognition of your efforts in learning, training, and gaining knowledge. However, it is not an all-purpose key to selecting candidates. 

Degrees are not the top criterion when evaluating talents - Photo: Internet.

Stop asking your candidates which universities they graduated from and replace it with tricky questions that require logical reasoning. Talented candidates will not cease to amaze you with their extremely smart solutions.

4. Listen to the candidate’s interests

Understanding your candidate’s interests is a way to help you know if they are passionate about their work or not. Moreover, people with special hobbies tend to explore, learn and expand their knowledge. 

5. Current staff are invaluable recruitment resources

Pay attention to the most talented group of people in your company. Those are the ones that own very large networks which might find you the perfect candidate.  

Therefore, developing and carrying out a recruitment program with great referral bonuses will encourage your talents to introduce their potential connections to your company.

Effective employee retention strategies

1. Provide competitive compensation

Money doesn't grow on trees. Every single one of your staff is the breadwinner of their family. Whether or not one can stay for the long term depends a lot on the income they are earning at the place.