Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The most effective method to maximize enterprises’ resources.

Human resources are the key element so that enterprises approach their business targets and develop powerfully. Depending on the internal environment of an enterprise or organization, the investment ratio will be different. This article will hint at the most effective methods to optimize enterprises’ resources.

Recruitment strategy.

One of the most important elements of an enterprise is the employee recruitment, attraction, and retention strategy. Because, human resources have an influence on the enterprise’s management, operation, and development.

Besides recruiting and finding talented employees, employee retention is also a key element for the stable development of an enterprise. Because their experiences and skills are necessary to create profits. Therefore, enterprises must take full advantage of these elements to develop stably and optimize human resources.

Training and development strategy.

This is one of the key elements to meet the needs of employees to learn and accumulate knowledge to be promoted.

If an enterprise ignores this aspect, its employees cannot outline their potential career paths and it will increase the resignation rate. Therefore, the enterprise should organize many types of internal training for its employees at reasonable costs or use the company's training and consulting services.

The enterprise should organize many types of internal training for its employees at reasonable costs. (Photo: Internet)

Pay and compensation strategy.

In order to maximize the efficiency of human resources, the enterprise should not ignore the salary, reward system, and compensation. The enterprise must define criteria for performance-based rewards, and business rewards; must have a performance management system to evaluate the employees and appropriate salary and reward policies. A reasonable compensation policy will save costs and effectively retain talented employees at the same time.

Labor relations strategy.
Labor relations involve the working environment, corporate culture, and employees’ life. For a methodical strategy and maximizing the investment in resources, enterprises should clearly define their competitive advantages to use and develop their core competencies. For example, companies that have strong corporate cultures should continue to prove their culture, at the same time, improve the working environment to increase employees’ satisfaction and boost their performance.

The use of human resource outsourcing.

The enterprise should use outsourcing in case of any challenges relating to human resource management. Currently, many enterprises choose human resource outsourcing as an effective method.

Human resource outsourcing will bring many benefits to enterprises. One of the many benefits is improving competitiveness in the context of cutting back on business in which the enterprise is required to hold the firm to its orientation and change its business strategy from time to time to beat competitors. Outsourcing can optimize costs and improve labor productivity. Depending on the needs and budget, the enterprise can choose various types of outsourcing.

Hopefully, this article taught enterprises how to maximize resources effectively.

Monday, November 7, 2022

End-of-year Recruitment Trends 2022

 According to assessments of recruitment agencies, the job market will be busy from now until the end of 2022. The diversified recruitment demand focuses on sectors such as, commerce - services, information technology, finance, health care, e-commerce, etc. Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs reports on the labor shortage in some sectors while the recruitment demand across various industries continues to increase now.

High-demand jobs at the end of 2022.

According to the report, up to 89% of enterprises surveyed will promote their recruitment in the second half of 2022 depending on demand and size. Besides, 80% of workers at all levels wish to look for new jobs in the last months of 2022. Therefore, in the coming months, the recruitment market will be busy when employees have a demand for jobs.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Three of signs that your business should switch to payroll software

It's hard to find a good reason to keep manually processing payroll as payroll software has now become more affordable, secure, convenient, and accurate. Let's find out what signs indicate that it’s time to take your business’s payroll system to the next level.

Advantages of payroll software

Time savings: Payroll software helps ramp up the process, thereby freeing up your time for other business areas.

Expert support: Most payroll solutions are accompanied by customer support to assist you with compensation issues.

Tax compliance: Payroll tax rates may vary annually, which sometimes makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with all the new local taxes that may apply. With the payroll software, rest assured that everything is taken into payroll calculations.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

What is PEO and when should businesses use a PEO?

What is PEO and when should businesses use a  PEO?

Business scale-up is one of the most important parts of SMEs’ development plan to accelerate their growth.

This almost always includes workforce expansion. A small-sized business may run into a problem where

there is no dedicated department to manage hiring and requirements that come along with it, as well as

payroll and benefits administration. This is where a professional employment organization - PEO jumps in.

What is PEO?

PEO acts as a “co-employer” with the company that it is hired to support. This means a PEO will share responsibilities with its customer’s employeesPEOs typically help with hiring and referral processes, payroll management, employee benefits, and other human resource-related functions. In essence, PEO is a type of full-service HR outsourcing for business.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Digital transformation in HR management


Digital Transformation in Human Resource Management 

Like the other part of an organization, digital transformation in human resource management is the most essential thing in technology today. So what does digital transformation in HR mean, what does it require and what are the challenges which businesses have to face in implementing t?

What is HR Digital Transformation?

Traditional HR processes are based on face-to-face communication, records, and paperwork. A lot of paperwork is required from payroll, attendance systems, and performance/ KPI management to candidate management. HR digital transformation involves moving those processes to technology.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Things to consider before outsourcing payroll services.


Things to consider before outsourcing payroll services

More businesses are opting to payroll outsourcing to reduce risk and stay focused on other important strategic goals.

Payroll service is now no stranger to Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Nonetheless, selecting a reliable, responsible and suitable partner remains challenging. Here are some reminders for businesses when outsourcing payroll services.

Things to consider before outsourcing payroll services

Company size

Company size should be taken into priority when it comes to payroll outsourcing. Keep in mind that not every accountant shares the same expertise, so don’t expect to find a trustworthy accountant, who specializes in both payroll processing and internal accounting, with a low expected salary.

Most SMEs often hire newly-graduated accountants with a monthly salary range of around VND6-7 million, who are required to perform various tasks including office administration, payroll processing, internal accounting, monthly and quarterly tax declaration, etc. Instead, payroll service is a more viable option that cost less than in-house staff, yet ensures legal compliance and confidentiality for your company.

Experience in ensuring an effective balance of recruitment time and cost for businesses


Experience in ensuring an effective balance of recruitment time and cost for businesses 

Inefficient hiring seems to be an unavoidable problem for most businesses. So what are the ways to best achieve cost-time balancing in recruitment?

The recruitment period of businesses often lasts from 1 week to a maximum of 1 month. In fact, recruiters, depending on the job grade, will allocate the most appropriate time and budget. However, cost-time balancing is never an easy job for businesses, particularly when the labor market has undergone many changes due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some tips on how to effectively balance hiring time and cost for businesses.

How to effectively balance hiring time and cost?

The recruitment processes will vary depending on the vacancy details.

Vacancies with a high recruiting success rate

These vacancies often have a minimum requirement of experience and qualifications, which are suitable for inexperienced candidates, fresh graduates, or those with just 6 months - 1 year of experience.

These easily fill positions can be simply reached out via setting up accounts and posting on social media networks, namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. At the same time, engaging actively in recruitment groups and forums on these platforms is also a great way to approach potential candidates. By doing so, recruiters can save a huge amount of time and cost.

Mid-level vacancies

The requirements of mid-level vacancies up the ante for candidates in terms of qualifications, job-related expertise, experience and skills. Therefore, businesses should plan ahead and be more precise in their demand to target the right candidates:

  • Graduated from a university or college with the relevant major

  • Over two years of experience in the similar position

  • Good communication, negotiation and analytical skills

  • Specific qualifications required by each position

Friday, April 1, 2022

Overview of the HR market in 2022

Overview of the HR market in 2022

In 2022, following the severe impact of Covid-19, it is predicted that there will be more adaptable approaches to pandemic prevention and control, resulting in increased demand for workers in certain industries.

2022 – a prosperous post-pandemic human resource market
By December 2021, the labor market had rebounded, with over 95% of the workforce in export processing zones, industrial parks, and job centers re-entering the labor force. According to state agency statistics, demand for labor, particularly mid-and senior-level personnel, will increase in certain industries. The real estate sector is expected to grow rapidly in 2022, while the logistics and supply chain management industries are expected to set new trends.

HR Outsourcing - the perfect solution for businesses
According to statistics, the year 2022 will see a rapid increase in the trend of project-based recruitment in Vietnam's labor market. Maintaining current trends in the search for qualified project personnel capable of ensuring project participation until completion is another headache for the recruitment department.

Recruitment trends in 2022 are expected to focus on several prominent industry sectors, including: Commerce, information technology, finance-banking, consumer goods, real estate, information and communication, tourism – accommodation and catering services, electrical engineering - refrigeration - industrial electricity - electronics... The finance-banking industry will require a large number of human resources with expertise in information technology (IT) and sales. Numerous businesses will seek qualified personnel in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, crypto, and Blockchain. As a result, businesses must now concentrate on effectively catching up with new recruitment trends while also focusing on training to improve the quality of existing human resources in order to meet their plans and objectives.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How to pick a cost-effective payroll service for your business


How to pick a cost-effective payroll service for your business

A right outsourcing payroll service can enable businesses to improve payroll processes, save costs, mitigate errors, and streamline data entry.

Payroll management can be complicated or straightforward, depending on the number of employees and relevant payroll processes. Small and large businesses often turn to payroll service providers to both avoid errors and ensure well-planned and effective payroll administration. As a result, selecting the best payroll service is of utmost importance. The real question is how to find a payroll service that is within your budget, yet allows you to have certain control over the processes. We have the answer for you.

Things to consider when choosing a cost-effective payroll service

Services and Fees

An outsourcing payroll service must ensure necessary HR activities such as calculating wages and keeping track of employee work hours, withholding deductions and taxes, printing and delivering checks or direct deposit and paying employment taxes. The main features of a payroll service include management of attendance, overtime work, allowances and leave, as well as report generation. Therefore, businesses should be aware of the fee for each service provided in order to allocate their budget properly and avoid incurred costs from unnecessary services.

Top 9 recruitment channels that businesses can’t miss in 2021

 Top 9 recruitment channels that businesses can’t miss in 2021 

Finding the right candidates is a challenging task for businesses. Here are the nine best hiring channels for businesses in 2021.

The recruitment landscape is changing, and so are the employer branding strategies. Though approaches to recruitment can vary from business to business, some are mainly applied regardless of industry, position, or potential candidates. The combination of a variety of hiring platforms enables companies to target more candidates, reach new talent markets, and improve recruitment in either an active or passive way. The reason behind this is these widely used platforms have proved their efficiency in reaching out to potential candidates. Here are the top 9 hiring channels that businesses can’t miss in 2021.

Top 9 most effective recruitment channels in 2021

Staffing agency or Headhunter

A staffing agency is a good solution if you need to quickly fill a gap in your workforce or face tough competition that requires expert assistance. With extensive experience in locating possible candidates, staffing agencies may leverage talent networks to deliver the most appropriate sourcing for vacancies. As a result, if your company has to fill any essential positions or increase your human resources to keep up with market growth, partnering with staffing agencies is a suitable option.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Three of top of mind human resource management trends

 Post COVID-19: 3 Top of mind human resource management trends

1/ Just in a short window of time, the COVID-19 has led to a dramatic change in the major functions of human resource management (HRM). While COVID-triggered crises are becoming less frequent and less severe, some businesses are still having trouble managing their employees during these testing periods. This article covers several HRM trends that businesses should keep in mind to adapt to the new normal in the post-COVID era.

2/ Develop comprehensive HRM strategies:

Changes in business trends post COVID-19 have created challenging situations for HR managers and HRM practitioners. As strategy development and workforce transition become more vital than ever, businesses need to rethink and re-evaluate their key people during and after the COVID-19. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

HR outsourcing vs insourcing: Which is the better option?

HR outsourcing vs insourcing: Which is the better option?

Taking these following factors into account will enable businesses to make the best of both external and internal HR teams.

Recruiting the right talents or outsourcing HR services remains a topic of flexibility for companies as their business progresses. Weighing the pros and cons can be a headache. Here are some tips that can help you ensure the equilibrium between HR outsourcing and insourcing.

Consider HR outsourcing for essential tasks unmet by the in-house team

The need for external HR providers is obvious when some tasks demand specialized skills unable to be performed by internal employees. For example, it is reasonable to outsource HR with tech expertise to carry out some relevant business activities when your staff is not that tech-savvy.