Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 ways to Maximise your benefit from a headhunter

From a recent client survey we found that 60% of our customers had never used services of executive search in Vietnam before. For us it is important that our customers know how to use us and to understand about our business. In this first of a six part series, Tom Vovers shares with us 10 ways employers can maximise their benefit from an executive search relationship. What are your comments?

1) Be concise on needs
Be clear about what you want from a candidate. What will be their unique contribution to your company? Avoid ambiguity in our requirements. A good headhunter in Vietnam will help you do this.

2) Be decisive on candidates
Sort into Yes, No and maybe. Re-sort maybe into yes and no. Commit to moving a person on in the process or remove them from the process. Again, this is not time to be wishy washy.

3) Search is not sift
If you find a good person accept them. Don't wait for more candidates. You are searching for the right person, so compare against your ideal, not compare across candidates.

4) Team workUnderstand that your search is a team effort between the Headhunter, the line manager Decision Maker and your HR department. All 3 need to work smoothly together and ideally should have met at least once in the search.

5) Be clear on lines of responsibility
If it is everyone's responsibility then it is no-ones responsibility. Assign decision making authorities in advance of the search. Be clear with your headhunters in Vietnam what you expect.

6) Grant access to management team
Ideally the headhunter should be able to meet with everyone who will work with your candidate. This enables them to match on company culture and personal motivations as well as skills and experience.

7) Show interest in the search
If you are sent a confidential report, read it. Don't outsource responsibility for filling the role to your headhunter. It is a team effort and they will work with you in making the best possible placements.

8) Give prompt and complete feedback
Part of showing interest is to give prompt feedback. Good candidates have options. If you take time to give feedback the best candidates may have moved on to other companies. Be as precise in your feedback as possible. Simply saying "not suitable" leaves the headhunter and the candidate guessing. Use rejected candidates to be more precise about what you are looking for.

9) Use one firm per job

Avoid confusion in the market place and with your candidates. Having two firms searching for one role sends all the wrong messages to candidates and can lead to damaging your relationship with the headhunter.

10) Make job offers quickly and clearly and in writingUse your head hunter to come up with an offer that the candidate will accept. Make one clear offer and then put it in writing. Don't waste time over terms and conditions.
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