Wednesday, August 9, 2023

List of jobs with no age restrictions in 2023.

2023 is marked by economic challenges, particularly with the increasing trend of workforce rejuvenation. Employers are setting higher demands on candidates, especially those who are older.

Many individuals are unsure about whether to seek new job opportunities at the age of 35 and wonder if there are good prospects. Don't worry; below are age-inclusive job options for you!

For people with degrees and qualifications


In recent years, the supply of human resources for teachers has been scarce. Many localities have a serious shortage of primary and preschool teachers. According to the report, the number of teachers needed from 2023 to 2026 is 107 thousand and can increase further

A teacher is a job that doesn't matter the age, as long as you have good teaching expertise - Photo: Internet.

The profession of a teacher is a profession that requires a high level of teaching expertise, ethics, and skills. While all of these factors take time to practice and accumulate. That is why older teachers easily win the hearts of employers.

Accounting Staff

This is also a job that does not place too much emphasis on age issues. Even many employers prefer older, experienced workers, because:

  • Loyalty and attachment to the business will be higher than young people because of fewer choices.

  • Knowing the job, the virtue of being more careful is an extremely important factor for the accounting profession.

Human Resources (HR) Administration

Every company needs HR Administration personnel. If you have previous experience in this role, don't hesitate to apply.

The main responsibilities of HR Administration staff involve handling paperwork, documentation, contracts, and other related documents. Thus, it requires experience, expertise, and meticulousness. So, whether you are young or have reached the age of 35, do not worry; as long as you can do the job, you are eligible.

For people without a degree

The current era is not too important about degrees, opening up opportunities for those who do not go to university to still have good income jobs. As long as you have the skills or qualities suitable for the job below.


One of the most popular jobs that do not require age or qualifications is a driver, especially for technology car companies. Although a technology driver is no longer a hot job like a few years ago, this is still a job that gives you a good income.

Technology driver is a good income job for people without a degree - Photo: Internet.

The income level is based on the hours and effort you put in, on average ranging from 7-12 million/month.


The vast majority of chefs have their starting point from industrious and hardworking kitchen assistants. After years of working, and improving your skills, you can master all the top culinary skills. Thanks to that, you can jump up the new ladder of "Chef" or confidently apply for a job as a chef at a high-class restaurant.

Currently, there are many vocational schools that train in kitchen skills. However, what employers need from you is experience and passion for the culinary profession instead of the degree you have obtained.

Many people are quite hesitant in looking for new job opportunities when they are before the age of 35. However, the opportunities are not few, as long as you are confident in the experience and skills you have, see if you are suitable. The occupations suggested by HR2B above are not eligible to apply. Good luck!

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

What are the difficulties for 70s and 80s generation candidates when applying for jobs in the current period?

Currently, employers tend to favor younger candidates for training and hiring. Many workers belonging to the 70s and 80s generations are feeling disheartened due to a lack of job opportunities, facing numerous challenges when seeking employment. Let's explore the specifics of these challenges through HR2B's article!

Job opportunities are scarce

Many candidates over the age of 30 have to scour dozens of job search websites and browse several hundred recruitment agencies, yet it feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The job market is experiencing great fluctuations both domestically and globally during the economic downturn. Many businesses from construction, and real estate to startups have temporarily suspended operations. Many large economic groups have restructured and downsized their workforce from the second half of 2022 until now.

Many candidates born in the 70s and 80s are becoming exhausted from their relentless job search efforts as they struggle to find job opportunities - Photo: Internet

Therefore, many personnel are laid off, including seniors. Suddenly, they lost their jobs and had to start looking for jobs again at the age of 35. Oversupply and lack of demand for labor make job opportunities for the 70s and 80s generations less and less.

Considered "old"

Most businesses prioritize recruiting young people. The age limit is usually under 35 years old, even lower for women (under 30 years old). The 70s and 80s generations are considered to be too old, even though they have the experience and skills to meet the company's requirements.

The label "old" means that employers consider you to be slow and lagging, not updating as quickly as young people. In particular, many employers also believe that older workers will be difficult to absorb and sometimes even more conservative, harder to train than newcomers.

Context of digital technology transformation

With the robust development of Industry 4.0 technology, digital transformation is occurring at a breakneck speed in businesses. The implementation of modern work and management software is helping enterprises streamline their human resources efficiently.

The context of digital transformation makes it harder for 70s and 80s candidates to find a job - Photo: Internet.

Businesses tend to recruit employees internally, that is, take advantage of existing human resources, promote them to higher positions, or transfer them to suitable departments.

Besides, older candidates, no matter how good, will no longer be suitable for the new skills that employers require, typically proficient use of modern technology. This also contributes to narrowing the job opportunities of 70s, 80s generation candidates with many years of experience.

The above are the biggest difficulties that candidates born in the 70s and 80s have to face in the current period. However, you can still overcome those obstacles to find the right job by being confident in your abilities and demonstrating to the employer your attitude and desire to contribute.