Wednesday, December 6, 2023

8 benefits of online training in businesses

 Nowadays, many employees have different work schedules. Some people have to travel for work, some work from home. Especially for enterprises with hundreds of employees or many branches, centralized training is relatively inconvenient. That is why online training is emphasized. The following are 8 great benefits that online training brings to your enterprise.

1. Cost optimization

You do not have to spend a large amount of money to set up a grand training space. With online training programs, all employees can access any course from anywhere. There is no need to spend money hiring instructors or transporting the employees to training locations. 

Online training helps save costs for enterprises – Photo: Internet

2. Time saving  

You do not have to spend a lot of time searching and setting up locations. With online courses, your employees can save travel time. In fact, the research has shown that E-Learning has helped reduce time by 60% compared to traditional training.

3. Learning participation rate increase

Online training courses in the form of E-learning include documents and videos, helping the employees retain the information easily. Training content and topics are concise and easy to understand, focusing on issues such as working process, and software usage instructions, … Therefore, even when moving, the employees still can access to learn.

4. Study group expansion

Lectures are being created on the E-learning lecture system. If you want to add any employees to the training program, just create a personal account for them. There is no need to hire people to retrain.

5. Quick result response

After each employee completes the E-learning lectures, the results will be notified immediately on the system, thereby reflecting learning performance and understanding level. Besides, the employees can also track their learning process.

Most online training programs will provide each employee with a certificate upon the completion of the course. They can save them as a form of evidence of compliance with the regulations of the company, and demonstrate that their expertise has been further developed.

6. Training standard assurance

When creating an online training course, the lecture content will be designed for all employees to participate. Therefore, all employees will receive training of the same quality, no matter where they are or what device they access, including phones or computers.

Online courses help ensure training quality – Photo: Internet

Whether you have a few or many employees, online courses provide everyone with consistent content, thereby enabling everyone to add the same amount of knowledge.

7. Reusable

The enterprises can reuse online training programs annually / quarterly. You do not have to waste time or money to rebuild new course content. 

Therefore, E-learning courses are often commonly applied by enterprises with new employees. Even long-time employees can review their knowledge, which direct training methods cannot do.

8. Variance

The employees in different departments should add different knowledge. and not every employee needs the same training or the training at the same time. Therefore, the online training program will enable you to flexibly adapt to each individual.

This will help the employees become more attached to the business because they feel satisfied when the enterprise really invests and cares about employee orientation and development.

Hopefully, with the benefits that HR2B has shared above, your enterprise can make the most of this form of online training, thereby helping develop and retain the employees, while improving the training quality of the enterprise. If you want more detailed advice on how to build E-learning or recruit senior personnel, do not hesitate to contact HR2B, or leave a comment below this article!

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Assessment of labor market in the field of information

 In 2023, Vietnam’s economy is in the context of a digital technology boom, placing strict requirements on Information Technology human resources, focusing on both quantity and quality aspects. Let’s learn about the information technology human resources market with HR2B through the article below!

The current situation of scarcity of information technology human resources

In 2022, experts give many quite optimistic assessments of the market. However, unlike expectations, a series of challenges and difficulties have come to Vietnamese enterprises in 2023, leading to a significant reduction in the need for personnel recruitment, especially in the technology sector.

Information technology human resources are increasingly scarce – Photo: Internet.

The emergence of new applications, software, and technological machines poses the problem of recruiting and training quality human resources to match and keep up with trends. 

As a result, the market faces two opposing problems: talent surplus and talent scarcity. There are many individuals with limited skills, while highly adaptable professionals are in short supply to keep up with industry changes. Although the need for recruitment of information technology personnel of enterprises is very high, they should be careful in their selection and creative in their methods, because it is no longer as easy as before. 

Solution for enterprises facing this situation

Faced with the constant shortage of tech talent due to the rapid pace of technology updates and the necessity of agile individuals, the enterprises have recognized the importance of addressing this need. 

Internal training

To cope with the scarcity of skilled information technology personnel while ensuring a sustainable talent source, the enterprises have been proactively investing in internal training programs. This is considered the leading and most appropriate solution in the current human resources picture.

Use of premium recruitment services

In addition, the enterprises also take advantage of external resources, specifically high-end recruitment services with rich candidate data, helping support the recruitment process of the enterprises in a more sequential, convenient, and effective manner. 

Building remote working mode

The shift to remote working mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic also contributes to the expansion of the talent pool across many different regions. And, to optimize, companies always divide tasks strategically and use remote human resources effectively to improve productivity and work efficiency.

The shift to remove work after the pandemic has also expanded the talent pool in different regions. In response, the companies have been strategically dividing tasks and effectively using remote resources to improve productivity and quality. 

Monday, November 20, 2023

How can recruit high-level employees effectively?

The process of recruiting high-level personnel has many differences compared to personnel in ordinary positions. Therefore, how do they recruit senior personnel efficiently?

Characteristics of high-level personnel recruitment.

1/ Limited number of suitable candidates

High-level manager recruitment requires candidates to have the qualifications, leadership, management of complicated problems, and ability to make decisions on important strategies. Meanwhile, the labor market in Vietnam is considered an abundance. However, the number of high-level personnel is limited. Thus, finding and attracting suitable candidates during the process of recruiting high-level personnel will waste more time and effort. Businesses can extend their search to other markets, cooperating with headhunting service companies, or targeting candidates working in rival organizations.

2/ Long period of recruitment

Finding, attracting, and selecting high-level personnel often wastes more time than regular positions. Because these positions play a "brain" role, candidates need to be carefully evaluated. That's why the senior recruitment process is often longer and more complicated.

3/ Carefulness and confidentiality

High-level positions often involve sensitive strategic information and projects. Therefore, businesses must ensure confidentiality and carefulness in handling the information of candidates and implement confidential agreements when it is necessary.

A person and person shaking hands

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Due to high requirements for experience and skills, the process of recruiting high-level personnel often takes a lot of time and effort.

The "golden" secret of successful high-level personnel recruitment.

1/ Creating an attractive working environment.

High-level employees often want to join an organization or business that values ​​employee contributions, where employees are empowered and challenged. Businesses need to create a positive working environment and support individuals to develop themselves.

2/ Evaluating candidates in a comprehensive way

During the process of recruiting senior personnel, you can use many methods to evaluate candidates in the most comprehensive way. Tests commonly applied by businesses include interviews, professional tests, learning about candidates' work histories...

Two women looking at papers

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It is necessary to evaluate candidates comprehensively in order

to ensure that suitable personnel are found

3/ Actively keeping in touch with candidates

Maybe the current candidate is not suitable for the position being recruited, but in the future, there may be another position suitable for that candidate. Thus, you should actively stay in touch with potential candidates and make sure they feel respected and appreciated. This creates a wide network of candidates with recruitment data available when needed.

4/ Attractive salary and benefits

High-level personnel are often recruited by many businesses with high salaries and good benefits, an advantage of competing with rival companies. If the personnel are talented and dedicated, the cost businesses spend will be completely worth it. 

5/ Choosing the appropriate recruitment channel

As mentioned above, businesses need to have a network of potential candidates so as to effectively recruit high-level managers. Choosing a recruitment service from an HR company will provide you with a database of candidate information, meeting job requirements in all fields.

After 20 years of operation in the field of high-level personnel recruitment, HR2B brings an optimal and quality recruitment process. With more than 35 HR specialists and possessing 96,000+ pieces of information of high-level specialists and managers, we are confident in finding the most suitable pieces for your business. Please contact HR2B today for advice!

Popular forms of employee training in enterprises today.

 Employee training is a necessary activity that enterprises must pay attention to. This ensures the employees have professional knowledge and important skills for their work in the best way. Training plays a pivotal role in developing corporate personnel, aiming for sustainable production and business performance. So what are the most popular forms of employee training? Join HR2B to find out now!!

The role of training

The training program is meaningful for both the development of the business and all employees. Specifically:

  • For enterprises: Job training for new employees, in the beginning, helps the enterprises realize the capabilities of their personnel. At the same time, the candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate skills suitable for the job and demonstrate their working ability. In addition, standard training processes help improve the work efficiency of the employees, thereby contributing to the overall success of the enterprises.

Training plays a role in the development of both employees and enterprises – Photo: Internet.

  • For employees: Training time helps the employees get used to new environments and new jobs, thereby understanding the company culture as well as mastering working skills. For former employees, training helps them further improve their skills. Thanks to that, they can improve work efficiency and advance in their careers.

The 4 most popular forms of human resource training

Training is a method to help employees access new knowledge. Depending on the ability of each person, training content and time will vary. The following are 4 popular forms that the enterprises apply:

Periodic training

Periodically, every week, every month, or every quarter, the enterprises will plan training for employees. Usually, the training is organized as centralized meetings for each department or team.

The purpose of periodic training is to help review knowledge and practice, practice skills, and apply knowledge more proficiently, and to periodically assess the capabilities of the employees, and solve common difficulties, thereby coordinating well with different departments in the enterprises.

Training through practical work

This is a form of on-the-job training, meaning learning by doing, often applied to highly practical jobs. This process requires the enterprises to give the employees enough time to grasp their work while still ensuring progress. 

On-the-job training helps employees both learn knowledge and apply it in practice – Photo: Internet.

Direct instructions

With this form of training, new employees or subordinates will be directly instructed by the managers or employees with many years of experience in the profession, thereby imparting the knowledge and skills needed to work well.

Online training

Online training is a form of training through lectures, videos, emails, ... The employees, no matter where they work, can access the course easily. This is suitable for job characteristics, saving time and costs for the employees and the enterprises.

With the continuous development of human knowledge, training programs have been also increasingly focused on by enterprises, thereby improving human resource quality and business performance. If you want more detailed advice on senior personnel recruitment and personnel training, do not hesitate to contact HR2B!

Monday, October 30, 2023

Headhunting Service – Best Solution for Businesses

To increase recruitment efficiency and ensure the quality of candidates, many businesses have used headhunting services from professional companies.

1. How to use headhunting services effectively
To reduce unnecessary risks and costs, many businesses have changed to use headhunting services. Please consider this option in the following cases:

Looking for employees for important positions
Recruiting people with good experience and qualifications to take on important positions in the company is not a small challenge. The biggest risk is the recruitment of inappropriate people will affect company operations. In this case, experts in headhunting services will receive and analyze the given requirements of businesses. With the experience and profession, headhunters will know who the most potential candidate for the position is.

 Recruiting the manager-level position
A person having good management and leadership abilities will benefit the company’s business activities. To find him or her, the recruiter need a comprehensive assessment skill. HR companies specializing in high-level personnel recruitment have a lot of close relationships with candidates at the management level and possess the information data system of candidates, so they are able to find qualified candidates in a short time.

 Need of recruitment in a short time
Another advantage of using a headhunting service is saving your time and effort in finding candidates. By owning a candidate network in different majors, headhunting services will assist businesses in looking for suitable candidates as soon as possible. 
A person holding a paper in front of another person

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In some cases, using headhunting services will bring the best recruitment efficiency for businesses.

 2 Overview of the current headhunting market in Vietnam
Besides using traditional recruitment channels, headhunter services allow companies to approach and attract the most suitable candidates. Headhunting services are not only limited domestically but also expanded into the international market, allowing businesses to recruit candidates from all over the world and meet multinational recruitment requirements.

In the current market, there are many diverse HR companies, so the choice of a partner providing reliable and quality services is not easy. One of those challenges is the fierce competition among headhunting service providers.
To be successful, these units must have professional recruitment strategies and plans, and have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of fields in which businesses are recruiting.  On the other hand, businesses should carefully choose partners providing headhunter services, because not all of the agencies will bring the most suitable candidates for your business. The choice of the wrong recruitment partner will also waste time, effort, and money for both businesses and candidates. Therefore, choosing a reliable and professional HR company is extremely crucial.

A group of people sitting around a table

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Choosing a reliable and professional HR company is extremely crucial. 

In the current economic context, finding and retaining good talents is one of the factors that help companies to develop sustainably. If you are looking for top headhunting services, HR2B will be the choice for you. With many HR specialists and possessing 96,000+ pieces of information from high-level specialists and managers, we are confident in finding the most suitable pieces for your business. Please contact us today for advice!

Effective high-level personnel recruitment solution

Is your company looking for talented and experienced candidates to fill important positions? Headhunting service is the fast and efficient recruiting solution for you

1. What is a headhunting service?

Headhunting service or headhunter service, a professional service provided by HR companies, helps businesses and organizations to find and attract suitable talented and competent candidates, especially in high-level positions. 

Headhunter service helps businesses to quickly find the most suitable candidate for the job

2. How does the headhunting service work?

HR companies providing the headhunting service will have different methods to look for the most appropriate candidates. How does the process of finding candidates work? 

Analysis of the customer’s requests: Headhunting experts (also called headhunters) will analyze the requests of customers, so they can understand the recruitment needs of companies.

Finding and assessment of candidates: Next, the headhunter will look for potential candidates from diverse channels such as working websites, and social media, ... For companies providing high-level personnel recruitment services, headhunters usually have a “file” of proficient candidates for different majors

Making contact with candidates: After finding potential candidates, the headhunter will contact them whether or not candidates are qualified for the job requirements of customers 

Introducing candidates to customers: After the exchange process, if businesses and candidates feel that the partner is suitable, the headhunter will make a recommendation and support both sides in finding a common voice.

Assistance after recruitment: Headhunting service companies will support businesses and candidates after successful recruitment. This makes sure that businesses and candidates are supported in a timely manner

With a professional working process, businesses will always feel secure when using headhunting services.

3. The reason why you should choose the headhunter service?

Compared to other forms of recruitment, many businesses highly assess the headhunting service because of many outstanding advantages such as:

3.1 Helps businesses to find the right candidates

When approaching skillful and talented candidates, the business will choose the most suitable person for the job

3.2/ Time and cost saving

High-level positions often take a long time to find. However, the team having much experience in senior recruitment will help the businesses to save time and cost in the process of finding and attracting talents.

3.3/ Information security

Before providing high-level personnel recruitment services, HR companies always sign a commitment to information security with customers. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the risk of leaking the business and candidate information.

Are you looking for personnel for important positions in your company? HR2B's high-level personnel recruitment service with many HR specialists and possessing 96,000+ information of high-level specialists and managers, we are confident in finding the most suitable pieces for your business. Please contact HR2B today for advice!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Top 8 industries that do not require high academic performance but still offer attractive incomes in 2023

Many people think that they have to study well and have a good degree to choose a good profession. However, the current job market is still full of jobs that do not require a high level of education. As long as you meet the qualifications, skills, and passion, you will succeed.

Here are the top 8 hottest and most lucrative industries for individuals who may not excel academically.

  1. Chef

This is the most promising candidate in the top occupations that do not require an advanced degree. With the strong development of the hotel industry, the profession of a chef has also become extremely popular.

A good chef just needs to be skilled and creative in cooking - Photo: Internet.

If you are someone with a passion for cooking, creative culinary skills, and exceptional cooking abilities, the opportunities for development in the chef profession are incredibly vast. From being a kitchen assistant to a head chef, setting up restaurant and hotel systems, or even becoming a food stylist, the possibilities are endless.

The salary level for chefs depends on the position as well as the scale of the restaurant or hotel you are working in. On average, it ranges from 8 to 25 million VND (Vietnamese Dong) per month. Moreover, you have the option to open your own restaurant for business and proactively generate even higher income.

  1. Beauty profession, cosmetology

Nowadays, there is no one who does not want to be beautiful. Many spas and beauty salons have sprung up like mushrooms, opening up many opportunities for those who are passionate.

The salary of this profession also depends on the experience of each person, ranging from 6-15 million VND for the technician position. If you are an expert in the field of beauty, your income can be up to hundreds of millions/month.

  1. Make-up artist

In recent years, makeup artist has become a popular profession that many young people are interested in. You could work for wedding photography studios, spas, or even become a celebrity makeup assistant. The average salary is about 5-20 million, even higher if skilled.

  1. Online business

The boom of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has laid the foundation for the strong development of the online business industry, encompassing the provision of goods, services, and online marketing.

In this era, one does not need formal academic qualifications to engage in online business. The key determinant of success lies in the dedication to continuous learning, understanding technology, identifying core products, and enhancing selling skills.

Online business gives you an attractive income - Photo: Internet.

The average income from an online business is from 5-15 million, maybe even tens, or hundreds of millions per month.

  1. Bartender

Bartenders work at bars in restaurants, clubs, hotels, and other establishments. You do not need to excel academically or have a high-level degree; all you need is to go through a bartending course, coupled with a passion for the craft, skills, and creativity to excel in this profession with attractive income potential. On average, bartenders can earn around 7 to 15 million VND per month.

  1. Sale of real estate

The demand for buying, selling, and investing in real estate is very large and tends to increase. Therefore, the real estate sales profession is equally hot. Market knowledge and customer persuasion skills are the two most important conditions for a career. Besides, you need to put in the effort to persevere, learn, and research which products are the best to sell.

  1. Design, print

This job includes product design, advertising printing, offset printing, etc. You can work at printing, design, marketing, or self-employed companies. Salary depends on your qualifications and ability, ranging from 7 to 20 million/month.

  1. Photographer

A photographer job is an art-oriented job, so you just need to have the talent and passion to do well. Especially, the average income is attractive from 10 to 20 million. If you can self-promote and market your brand, your income can be up to tens of millions per month.

Above are the top 8 industries with attractive income for individuals who may not excel academically. You should believe that opportunities are still many, as long as you try and persevere with the chosen career path.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

List of jobs with no age restrictions in 2023.

2023 is marked by economic challenges, particularly with the increasing trend of workforce rejuvenation. Employers are setting higher demands on candidates, especially those who are older.

Many individuals are unsure about whether to seek new job opportunities at the age of 35 and wonder if there are good prospects. Don't worry; below are age-inclusive job options for you!

For people with degrees and qualifications


In recent years, the supply of human resources for teachers has been scarce. Many localities have a serious shortage of primary and preschool teachers. According to the report, the number of teachers needed from 2023 to 2026 is 107 thousand and can increase further

A teacher is a job that doesn't matter the age, as long as you have good teaching expertise - Photo: Internet.

The profession of a teacher is a profession that requires a high level of teaching expertise, ethics, and skills. While all of these factors take time to practice and accumulate. That is why older teachers easily win the hearts of employers.

Accounting Staff

This is also a job that does not place too much emphasis on age issues. Even many employers prefer older, experienced workers, because:

  • Loyalty and attachment to the business will be higher than young people because of fewer choices.

  • Knowing the job, the virtue of being more careful is an extremely important factor for the accounting profession.

Human Resources (HR) Administration

Every company needs HR Administration personnel. If you have previous experience in this role, don't hesitate to apply.

The main responsibilities of HR Administration staff involve handling paperwork, documentation, contracts, and other related documents. Thus, it requires experience, expertise, and meticulousness. So, whether you are young or have reached the age of 35, do not worry; as long as you can do the job, you are eligible.

For people without a degree

The current era is not too important about degrees, opening up opportunities for those who do not go to university to still have good income jobs. As long as you have the skills or qualities suitable for the job below.


One of the most popular jobs that do not require age or qualifications is a driver, especially for technology car companies. Although a technology driver is no longer a hot job like a few years ago, this is still a job that gives you a good income.

Technology driver is a good income job for people without a degree - Photo: Internet.

The income level is based on the hours and effort you put in, on average ranging from 7-12 million/month.


The vast majority of chefs have their starting point from industrious and hardworking kitchen assistants. After years of working, and improving your skills, you can master all the top culinary skills. Thanks to that, you can jump up the new ladder of "Chef" or confidently apply for a job as a chef at a high-class restaurant.

Currently, there are many vocational schools that train in kitchen skills. However, what employers need from you is experience and passion for the culinary profession instead of the degree you have obtained.

Many people are quite hesitant in looking for new job opportunities when they are before the age of 35. However, the opportunities are not few, as long as you are confident in the experience and skills you have, see if you are suitable. The occupations suggested by HR2B above are not eligible to apply. Good luck!