Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Assessment of labor market in the field of information

 In 2023, Vietnam’s economy is in the context of a digital technology boom, placing strict requirements on Information Technology human resources, focusing on both quantity and quality aspects. Let’s learn about the information technology human resources market with HR2B through the article below!

The current situation of scarcity of information technology human resources

In 2022, experts give many quite optimistic assessments of the market. However, unlike expectations, a series of challenges and difficulties have come to Vietnamese enterprises in 2023, leading to a significant reduction in the need for personnel recruitment, especially in the technology sector.

Information technology human resources are increasingly scarce – Photo: Internet.

The emergence of new applications, software, and technological machines poses the problem of recruiting and training quality human resources to match and keep up with trends. 

As a result, the market faces two opposing problems: talent surplus and talent scarcity. There are many individuals with limited skills, while highly adaptable professionals are in short supply to keep up with industry changes. Although the need for recruitment of information technology personnel of enterprises is very high, they should be careful in their selection and creative in their methods, because it is no longer as easy as before. 

Solution for enterprises facing this situation

Faced with the constant shortage of tech talent due to the rapid pace of technology updates and the necessity of agile individuals, the enterprises have recognized the importance of addressing this need. 

Internal training

To cope with the scarcity of skilled information technology personnel while ensuring a sustainable talent source, the enterprises have been proactively investing in internal training programs. This is considered the leading and most appropriate solution in the current human resources picture.

Use of premium recruitment services

In addition, the enterprises also take advantage of external resources, specifically high-end recruitment services with rich candidate data, helping support the recruitment process of the enterprises in a more sequential, convenient, and effective manner. 

Building remote working mode

The shift to remote working mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic also contributes to the expansion of the talent pool across many different regions. And, to optimize, companies always divide tasks strategically and use remote human resources effectively to improve productivity and work efficiency.

The shift to remove work after the pandemic has also expanded the talent pool in different regions. In response, the companies have been strategically dividing tasks and effectively using remote resources to improve productivity and quality.