Wednesday, December 6, 2023

8 benefits of online training in businesses

 Nowadays, many employees have different work schedules. Some people have to travel for work, some work from home. Especially for enterprises with hundreds of employees or many branches, centralized training is relatively inconvenient. That is why online training is emphasized. The following are 8 great benefits that online training brings to your enterprise.

1. Cost optimization

You do not have to spend a large amount of money to set up a grand training space. With online training programs, all employees can access any course from anywhere. There is no need to spend money hiring instructors or transporting the employees to training locations. 

Online training helps save costs for enterprises – Photo: Internet

2. Time saving  

You do not have to spend a lot of time searching and setting up locations. With online courses, your employees can save travel time. In fact, the research has shown that E-Learning has helped reduce time by 60% compared to traditional training.

3. Learning participation rate increase

Online training courses in the form of E-learning include documents and videos, helping the employees retain the information easily. Training content and topics are concise and easy to understand, focusing on issues such as working process, and software usage instructions, … Therefore, even when moving, the employees still can access to learn.

4. Study group expansion

Lectures are being created on the E-learning lecture system. If you want to add any employees to the training program, just create a personal account for them. There is no need to hire people to retrain.

5. Quick result response

After each employee completes the E-learning lectures, the results will be notified immediately on the system, thereby reflecting learning performance and understanding level. Besides, the employees can also track their learning process.

Most online training programs will provide each employee with a certificate upon the completion of the course. They can save them as a form of evidence of compliance with the regulations of the company, and demonstrate that their expertise has been further developed.

6. Training standard assurance

When creating an online training course, the lecture content will be designed for all employees to participate. Therefore, all employees will receive training of the same quality, no matter where they are or what device they access, including phones or computers.

Online courses help ensure training quality – Photo: Internet

Whether you have a few or many employees, online courses provide everyone with consistent content, thereby enabling everyone to add the same amount of knowledge.

7. Reusable

The enterprises can reuse online training programs annually / quarterly. You do not have to waste time or money to rebuild new course content. 

Therefore, E-learning courses are often commonly applied by enterprises with new employees. Even long-time employees can review their knowledge, which direct training methods cannot do.

8. Variance

The employees in different departments should add different knowledge. and not every employee needs the same training or the training at the same time. Therefore, the online training program will enable you to flexibly adapt to each individual.

This will help the employees become more attached to the business because they feel satisfied when the enterprise really invests and cares about employee orientation and development.

Hopefully, with the benefits that HR2B has shared above, your enterprise can make the most of this form of online training, thereby helping develop and retain the employees, while improving the training quality of the enterprise. If you want more detailed advice on how to build E-learning or recruit senior personnel, do not hesitate to contact HR2B, or leave a comment below this article!