Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Gen Z job-search and workplace expectations.

Gen Z is the youngest generation in today's society, whose work and lifestyle also pose many differences. The increasing demand for recruiting Gen Z is bringing a fresh breeze to businesses and creating changes in human resources structure.

Let's learn about how they job-search and work, and the steps to build a recruitment plan and solutions to retain Gen Z talent.

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z is used to describe young people born from 1997 to 2012. Since childhood, Gen Z has been exposed early to technology, thus having a diverse and more realistic view outside of books. 

How to do Gen Z job-hunt and work? - Photo: Internet 

Gen Z is considered the generation that can bring breakthroughs for the development of society.

Job search trends of Gen Z

Below are 7 key trends that recruiters need to grasp:

  • About 90% of Gen Z aspire to work for multinational companies or FDI businesses. These companies provide great growth opportunities and environments to young qualified individuals.

Moreover, they also offer generous compensation, optimal working methods, and a system that focuses mainly on the outcome rather than processes, which is extremely suitable for the style of Gen Z.

  • Approximately 70% of newly graduated Gen Z desire to work with leaders who have great influence and are inspirational.

  • Startups are also the option many Gen Z opt for, this is where they can learn and develop faster than anywhere else.

  • Businesses that have spacious working spaces equipped with modern facilities, some even have areas for break time, chatting, and team gatherings.

Gen Z loves a comfortable working space - Photo: Internet

  • Apply on high-end recruitment websites instead of directly submitting offline applications or being referred by others.

  • Prioritize businesses that provide learning and training opportunities rather than income.

  • Prioritize flexibility in terms of work location and hours.

How Gen Z works

Gen Z mostly has strong personalities and very different working styles compared to other generations. Below are some of the working trends that leaders need to know:

Independent, self-directed

In work, Gen Z is extremely independent, self-motivated, and proactive. They are well aware of the increasingly fierce competition in society, and so they work hard and rely on their abilities to achieve their goals.

Gen Z is extremely proactive workers - Photo: Internet.

Gen Z is the generation that has a high capability of self-learning and keeping disciplined. Moreover, they adapt quickly and are proactive team workers that often gain highly productive results.

Flexible and comfortable when working

Gen Z often focuses on task outcomes rather than the amount of time spent working on them. They always want a flexible work environment in terms of hours and locations. Therefore, the remote is their favorite way of working.

Many businesses, when allowing employees to work outside the office, often struggle with clocking systems. GPS clocking software is a great choice for managing this type of employee.

Prefer new and optimal ways of working

Gen Z was born in the technology era, with the emergence of smart devices. This makes digital and fast-paced environments Gen Z preference.

Highly interactive

Young people like to make fun conversations to ease up their working atmosphere. They also often discuss work to come up with new solutions. 

Gen Z likes mutual interaction at work - Photo: Internet.

Many employees have a fear of expressing opinions in front of their superiors. However, Gen Z is usually very confident in expressing their views to their boss, breaking down the boundaries between leaders and employees, so that work can be resolved quickly.

Youthful and dynamic

Gen Z is a very active and energetic person. Therefore, they are usually confident in communicating with colleagues, managers, and customers, reflecting on the results of their work.

 We hope the information in the article is useful for those of you who are working in human resources and want to find the most ideal Gen Z candidates for your company.