Friday, April 1, 2022

Overview of the HR market in 2022

Overview of the HR market in 2022

In 2022, following the severe impact of Covid-19, it is predicted that there will be more adaptable approaches to pandemic prevention and control, resulting in increased demand for workers in certain industries.

2022 – a prosperous post-pandemic human resource market
By December 2021, the labor market had rebounded, with over 95% of the workforce in export processing zones, industrial parks, and job centers re-entering the labor force. According to state agency statistics, demand for labor, particularly mid-and senior-level personnel, will increase in certain industries. The real estate sector is expected to grow rapidly in 2022, while the logistics and supply chain management industries are expected to set new trends.

HR Outsourcing - the perfect solution for businesses
According to statistics, the year 2022 will see a rapid increase in the trend of project-based recruitment in Vietnam's labor market. Maintaining current trends in the search for qualified project personnel capable of ensuring project participation until completion is another headache for the recruitment department.

Recruitment trends in 2022 are expected to focus on several prominent industry sectors, including: Commerce, information technology, finance-banking, consumer goods, real estate, information and communication, tourism – accommodation and catering services, electrical engineering - refrigeration - industrial electricity - electronics... The finance-banking industry will require a large number of human resources with expertise in information technology (IT) and sales. Numerous businesses will seek qualified personnel in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, crypto, and Blockchain. As a result, businesses must now concentrate on effectively catching up with new recruitment trends while also focusing on training to improve the quality of existing human resources in order to meet their plans and objectives.