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Headhunting Service – Best Solution for Businesses

To increase recruitment efficiency and ensure the quality of candidates, many businesses have used headhunting services from professional companies.

1. How to use headhunting services effectively
To reduce unnecessary risks and costs, many businesses have changed to use headhunting services. Please consider this option in the following cases:

Looking for employees for important positions
Recruiting people with good experience and qualifications to take on important positions in the company is not a small challenge. The biggest risk is the recruitment of inappropriate people will affect company operations. In this case, experts in headhunting services will receive and analyze the given requirements of businesses. With the experience and profession, headhunters will know who the most potential candidate for the position is.

 Recruiting the manager-level position
A person having good management and leadership abilities will benefit the company’s business activities. To find him or her, the recruiter need a comprehensive assessment skill. HR companies specializing in high-level personnel recruitment have a lot of close relationships with candidates at the management level and possess the information data system of candidates, so they are able to find qualified candidates in a short time.

 Need of recruitment in a short time
Another advantage of using a headhunting service is saving your time and effort in finding candidates. By owning a candidate network in different majors, headhunting services will assist businesses in looking for suitable candidates as soon as possible. 
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In some cases, using headhunting services will bring the best recruitment efficiency for businesses.

 2 Overview of the current headhunting market in Vietnam
Besides using traditional recruitment channels, headhunter services allow companies to approach and attract the most suitable candidates. Headhunting services are not only limited domestically but also expanded into the international market, allowing businesses to recruit candidates from all over the world and meet multinational recruitment requirements.

In the current market, there are many diverse HR companies, so the choice of a partner providing reliable and quality services is not easy. One of those challenges is the fierce competition among headhunting service providers.
To be successful, these units must have professional recruitment strategies and plans, and have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of fields in which businesses are recruiting.  On the other hand, businesses should carefully choose partners providing headhunter services, because not all of the agencies will bring the most suitable candidates for your business. The choice of the wrong recruitment partner will also waste time, effort, and money for both businesses and candidates. Therefore, choosing a reliable and professional HR company is extremely crucial.

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Choosing a reliable and professional HR company is extremely crucial. 

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Effective high-level personnel recruitment solution

Is your company looking for talented and experienced candidates to fill important positions? Headhunting service is the fast and efficient recruiting solution for you

1. What is a headhunting service?

Headhunting service or headhunter service, a professional service provided by HR companies, helps businesses and organizations to find and attract suitable talented and competent candidates, especially in high-level positions. 

Headhunter service helps businesses to quickly find the most suitable candidate for the job

2. How does the headhunting service work?

HR companies providing the headhunting service will have different methods to look for the most appropriate candidates. How does the process of finding candidates work? 

Analysis of the customer’s requests: Headhunting experts (also called headhunters) will analyze the requests of customers, so they can understand the recruitment needs of companies.

Finding and assessment of candidates: Next, the headhunter will look for potential candidates from diverse channels such as working websites, and social media, ... For companies providing high-level personnel recruitment services, headhunters usually have a “file” of proficient candidates for different majors

Making contact with candidates: After finding potential candidates, the headhunter will contact them whether or not candidates are qualified for the job requirements of customers 

Introducing candidates to customers: After the exchange process, if businesses and candidates feel that the partner is suitable, the headhunter will make a recommendation and support both sides in finding a common voice.

Assistance after recruitment: Headhunting service companies will support businesses and candidates after successful recruitment. This makes sure that businesses and candidates are supported in a timely manner

With a professional working process, businesses will always feel secure when using headhunting services.

3. The reason why you should choose the headhunter service?

Compared to other forms of recruitment, many businesses highly assess the headhunting service because of many outstanding advantages such as:

3.1 Helps businesses to find the right candidates

When approaching skillful and talented candidates, the business will choose the most suitable person for the job

3.2/ Time and cost saving

High-level positions often take a long time to find. However, the team having much experience in senior recruitment will help the businesses to save time and cost in the process of finding and attracting talents.

3.3/ Information security

Before providing high-level personnel recruitment services, HR companies always sign a commitment to information security with customers. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the risk of leaking the business and candidate information.

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