Thursday, September 16, 2010

Screening in Viet Nam Tips

When recruiting employees, I have faced with the challenge about checking
candidate's reference. For foreigner boss, it's okay. But for Vietnamse
boss, may be due to culture, they are not often open to share their
assessment on candidate. In that case, what should I do ?

Based on your query, for cases whereby the HR person is not willing to give
information on the candidate, let them know that this is a background
screening process and that the candidate has given you consent to contact
them to provide reference. Let them know that you can show them a copy of
the candidate's signed Letter of Consent. This will give the employer more
confidence in giving you information. Furthermore, you can also let them
know that the candidate is waiting to be employed but they will not be able
to complete the employment process if the HR person is not willing to
provide references. This will affect the candidate's job application. This
may encourage the Employer to provide you the information you need.

(Sharon AIM pre employment screening session question)

What is your opinion?