Thursday, February 29, 2024

How to supply human resources for businesses quickly and effectively?

Supplying human resources is a third-party activity that will provide resources according to the business's requirements. Although this form has not been around for a long time, it currently receives a lot of trust from companies. So what benefits will businesses receive when choosing human resources services from headhunters?

1. Common forms of human resources supply

Supply and management of domestic labor resources

This job involves providing long-term labor resources, managing domestic human resources, and representing workers to resolve issues related to the payment of wages, taxes, and several other activities. With this service, the labor supplier will not have the responsibility to supervise the workers.

Supply and management of labor resources working abroad

Foreign companies investing in Vietnam often encounter obstacles in connecting and managing local human resources. The  human resources supply company will help manage the workforce working in the country, representing employees to resolve issues related to wages, taxes, and other related services. With this service, the labor supplier will be responsible for supervising workers.

Temporary personnel supply

With short-term jobs, which often appear most often during holidays and peak seasons of the year... businesses will need to provide seasonal human resources. Personnel will work temporarily at the enterprise within the period specified in the contract. The company providing seasonal human resources will be responsible for managing and paying salaries on behalf of the employer.

There are many different forms of human resources supply

2. Benefits of human resources supply for businesses

Timely resolve personnel issues

When outsourcing human resources, businesses will be provided with the desired number of human resources in a short time. The labor source ensures quality, selected according to many criteria suitable for all occupations.

Flexible resource management

Thanks to this service, businesses can manage resources more flexibly. Human resources supply companies can easily cut or transfer workers to other departments.

Save costs

In today's volatile economic context, reducing labor to optimize costs is necessary. When cooperating with human resources provide company, businesses will not have to pay any other costs such as salaries, bonuses, insurance...

Ensure work efficiency

Outsourcing human resources will reduce the workload for the human resources department. Thanks to that, businesses have time to focus on developing more important tasks.

Reduce risk

When choosing to outsource human resources services, businesses will limit risks such as conflicts of interest and labor disputes. The third party will work with employees on behalf of the business and will be fully responsible before the law.

Staffing companies help manage resources more effectively

3. Providing HR2B personnel - No more worrying about a lack of people

Human resources company  HR2B has many years of experience in the field of supplying human resources for domestic and foreign businesses. We have a list of quality candidates in many occupations and are ready to support businesses in training personnel to meet job requirements. HR2B will handle tasks related to administration, human resources, recruitment, and salary calculation on behalf of the business.

HR2B's candidate team has good expertise, high qualifications, and many years of work experience in the industry. Candidates are trained in basic skills and have the necessary expertise to handle work most effectively. Please contact us for advice today