Thursday, September 16, 2010

Screening Timing


When we should contact the references, after we employ the candidate or before we interview? 


As for the current employment, usually you will need to ask the candidate if
you can contact the current employer. If the candidate say No, then you
cannot call the current employment due to ethical reasons. However, you can
ask the candidate, if they are hired, when can you call the current
employer. Most candidates will say after they are being hired or they will
give you a date to call the current employer. On the other hand, some
candidates may say Yes and hence, you can call their current employer. So it
all depends on their answer.

What is your opinion?
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shraddha said...

There are some firms or groups who do the job of employee background check,we can hire them.

TomV said...

Yes, HR2B provide background screening services to business in Viet Nam.

Anonymous said...

I think its pratical but depends. I ve been applying jobs thru hr2b from Malaysia since last year, i havent got a single good reply for a career opportunity. So disapointed

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous, Yes the market for foreign workers in very weak at the moment. HR2B is a headhunter finding talent for our customers needs. Like other firms in Viet Nam we are not set up as a 'career' development firm, but it is worth registering with us so we can find you easily when a matching opportunity arises. Good luck with your job search.

Iftikhar Siddiqi said...

Current employers, in most cases, will be reluctant to let go a good executive. Thus, their feedback may not be very relevant. Third party background check is an alternate option which may be adopted at discretion of the Employers. References provided by the applicant shall, however, be contacted before a job offer is made to make a final assessment.