Monday, March 22, 2010

Recruitment and Employer Brand #2 Make Someone Accountable

Recruitment employer branding suggestion #2 is to make someone accountable for the recruitment outcome.

If everyone is responsible no-one is responsible. Treat your recruitment as a project with a timeline, activities and resources. Make someone accountable for delivering the results (preferably the line manager).

What do I mean by accountability? I mean the "thin line separates failure and success, greatness and mediocrity" (see the Oz-Principle concept here).

Above the line are the steps to accountability ( See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It. ).

Below the line is where you find the 'Victims' with excuses and behavior such as "it's not my job", "let's wait and see", and people who play the blame game.

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Does not compute
One fortune 500 computer company client of ours has confused responsibilities between the Country Manager and the Regional HR Manager. Telephone calls are not returned, interview feedback is not given, candidates are confused as to their recruitment status. The end result is that our best candidates take other opportunities while our client sorts out their accountabilities.

Who is responsible for what in your recruitment process?