Friday, March 26, 2010

Recruitment and Employer Brand - #5 Candidate Care

Find out why caring for all your candidates and applicants is vital in this new era of twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

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Match the Level
Your recruitment process will probably involve some form of meeting or interview. This is a great opportunity to build or damage your employer brand. One aspect of hiring in Viet Nam is to match the level. By this I mean that if you are hiring for a manager level position, the initial contact should be with a manager or higher level person. Having your secretary or junior HR person doing the first contact is disrespectful.

Show basic Courtesy
Other aspects of courtesy are equally important. For some reason people treat interviews differently from other meetings. Often candidates will be kept waiting a long time, or be subject to an interview with not agenda,

Feedback to everyone
Above all timely feedback is a simple and often missed opportunity to build your reputation in the market. Tell people where they are in your process. Remember you are matching them to your needs. Saying ‘no match’ is easier and more accurate than saying ‘you are no good’. Apply candidate care to all candidates. Remember non-matched candidates are potential customers too.

Lasting Memories
One of our customers is the CFO or a large multinational company. He relayed a story to me about selection of an audit firm for their company. Bidding for the multi-million dollar multi year contract went out to two global firms and one Vietnamese firm.

I asked him why bidding did not go to a third audit firm that was the market leader in Viet Nam at the time. He told me that the CEO of the company was rejected by that Audit firm for an entry level job 25 years ago. The pain of the way he was treated in that recruitment lasted until today!