Monday, March 15, 2010

Recruitment and Employer Brand - #1 Write things Down

Corporate Memory

A Real Estate company was looking for a country manager in Viet Nam. After a lengthy executive search in Vietnam and interview process the hiring manager verbally offered our candidate the role. Our consultant could not contact the hiring manager about a written offer. Calls remained unanswered, emails unread and the manager was not in his office when we visited. On calling to the head office overseas our consultant found out that the hiring manager had left the company. When she told them about the job offer, the regional HR manager said that our candidate was not on their system and they knew nothing about his case. The company started the whole recruitment process again. Our candidate took another offer at well managed competitor two weeks later.

When you approach the outside world with your needs it is better to be organised and have a clear idea about what you want from a particular job / person. At the same time you need to keep an open mind and listen to suggestions from HR experts and others who might have useful information to help you.

Write it down. A job description, email, text message, anything! Get your ideas down in words so they can be shared with stakeholders. Keep track of changes and write them down too. Keep a record of your ideas for later reference by yourself or other people involved in the recruitment.

Keep a record of the candidates you have contacted, their stage in your recruitment process and any actions that you have taken with them. This will help you keep track of this recruitment. It is also a vital tool in discovering what went wrong or right with a candidate so you can repeat your successes and avoid making the same mistakes again and again

Consider using an applicant tracking system to centralize all your recruitment information or any questions, do not hesitate to contact HR2B Executive Search in Vietnam