Monday, March 8, 2010

What is 'employer brand'?

An employer brand is like a hair-style. All organisations have an employer brand weather they like it or not. Smart organisations take time to define a style for their brand which is easy to recognise and add value to their goals and objectives.

As with your company brand, your employer brand is made up of the many small things you do when interacting with your employees. Your brand is a promise. It gives people an expectation of how they will be treated.

Actions speak loader than words. Your brand is not defined by glossy brochures or a great video, but by the actions of your managers and staff.

Over the next few weeks we will take a closer look at the actions you can take to build your employer brand. We will use the ‘employee life cycle’ as a roadmap to the opportunities you have as a professional to add value to your company through employer branding.
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