Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recruitment and Employer Brand - #4 Look in the right places

Where you go to find candidates for your freshly made job vacancy communicates a lot about what sort of organisation you are and the type of people you are looking for.

Is it so surprising that you will get job hopping candidates if you advertise your opportunity on a job vacancy website? Who goes to those websites anyway?

Smart companies think about the type of people they are trying to attract and a target their search activities to type of candidates they are looking for. These days in Viet Nam there are many option for finding candidates.
  • Self advertising,
  • database search,
  • search firms,
  • employee referrals to name a few.
The channel you use to get candidates will send them a message about who you are as an organisation. So think about it and match your job to the method.

Who should candidates contact with? Is it clear? Does your recruitment have a face? A name? or do you choose to hide behind “…only successful candidates will be contacted…” Obviously your choice of method depends on the job and number of candidates you expect to have.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact HR2B Executive Search in Vietnam

General Director Wanted
A large international professional services company came to Viet Nam a few years ago. Before contacting HR2B - Vietnam Human Resources service company, they had placed ads in the newspaper and on for their General Director position. The response rate was very low and the few people that did apply were not qualified.

By the time we began the search, candidates we contacted knew our client had been searching for a long time. Their salary expectations went up as a result. The companies overseas competitors contacted us to begin similar searches, having been tipped off about their strategy by the advertising.