Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recruitment and Employer Brand - #3 Have a plan

Consider each recruitment as a project.

In fact you can consider a recruitment the same as ‘purchasing and installing’ skills and experiences from the market place. Your recruitment process in the same as your procurement process where you spend a lot of effort selecting and buying a major piece of equipment for your organisation.
  1. Start with the end in mind. What would you have achieved at the end of your recruitment process?
  2. Next list out who should be involved. Start with a long list of everybody possible, then cut this list down to the people who are essential. You should aim to have sufficient opinions and vetting rather than complete.
  3. Give each person a clear role. Decide ahead of time who is responsible for what (more about that in the next session)
  4. Finally set some timings and dates. Having a clear beginning, middle and end will help your organisation make timely decisions in relation to each candidate. If your recruitment process is off track it may indicate you have other problems that need attention. 
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FMCG success easy to copy

We have a large fast moving consumer goods company as a client. They are very disciplined with their recruitment process.
  • Managers in the company know clearly what will happen next.
  • Candidates that attend interviews feel valued, even if they are unsuccessful.
  • Feedback to stakeholders such as recruitment agencies is done in a complete and timely way.
What is their secret? Checklists.
Each recruitment step has a simple checklist and a person responsible for completing that list. The HR manager oversees the process, but he hiring decisions are made by line managers. Checklists are easy to create and add a lot of value to the teamwork required in a strong recruitment process.